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Boulder City, NV Trivia

This was our first time playing Geeks Who Drink Trivia. This company was in central PA prior to the pandemic however we never had a chance to play in Pennsylvania.

We played at Boulder Dam Brewing Company in downtown Boulder City. Food was good, beer was cold!

Type of trivia questions: General trivia

Question we missed: In the Roald Dahl book, who accompanies James in his giant peach journey: A bunch of birds or a bunch of bugs?

What we answered: Birds

Correct answer: But it was bugs

Format: 8 rounds of a loose theme with one audio round. This week they had Kidz Bop music where a clip was played and we had to name the original artist and title. The first round was called Squid Games and all the answers had the letters I-N-K in that order in the answer. That was fun!

Game time: 1 hour and 40 minutes

Winner...winner?: We won a $3 gift card after round 1 for answering the bonus correctly. Overall, came in somewhere in the middle.

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