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My favorite part of Elwood

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Our desk and dining area makeover!

The Upgraded Dining Area & Desk

We tore out the original dinette since it wasn’t practical for us working on the road. One of the big pet peeves in our current house is Vern’s office is in the basement so he never sees any daylight while he works. With the dinette out, we found a woodworker to build us a custom desk and dining area where we both can sit to eat, work and play games. This was made and installed in about 10 days. This dinette and desk space was my absolute favorite thing about Elwood! So many good times working, playing games and dinners here!

The Curtains

All of the curtains were thrown out from the RV. They were filthy!! Not only were they 11 years old, the former owners dyed them. They were supposed to be a chocolate brown color but turned out to be a weird, dirty, maroonish brown color. I found some great panels from Pier One that were on clearance that we were able to get 1 windows done with 1 panel. The sheers and blackout curtains came from Christmas Tree Shops for less than $9 a panel. I found a seamstress on Facebook Marketplace who was willing to do the hemming for $10 a panel.

Yes, they were loud and obnoxious. Vern cringed a bit when I showed him the crazy retro print.


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