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Our first RV Renovation Project

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Check out our demo to Elwood, our class C

Our 31 foot RV filled our driveway for three weeks before we figured out exactly where to start on our renovations. We have hashed over paint swatches and made several trips to owes and Home Depot to look at flooring and backsplashes.

Our first job was to remove the couch. This couldn’t be difficult, right? When Vern went out to remove it, he found it bolted to the floor. This quick job because a two person job that required WD-40, wrenches and a Saturday afternoon. He worked under the RV and I was inside holding on to the top of the screw while he loosened it from below. Eventually we removed all 4 screws plus the 4 for the seat belts that accompanied the couch. We moved over to the dinette set as this also had to go. Same deal. 4 screws for the dinette and 4 for the seat belts. One was a real stinker and wouldn’t come out.

As we wrapped up that job, I took on the job of removing all the gross curtains. I had no idea that each curtain set had a minimum of 6 screws per window covering frame plus 4 screws in each tie back. I removed 3 curtains from the bedroom, 2 in the living area and 2 above the cab.

Of course there would be mold...

We decided to remove the mattress above the cab. Mistake. Here we found mold. An RVer’s worst nightmare. It STUNK! The mold was in the corner of the far above the driver's side. We knew then the flooring had to come out. It wasn’t going to be easy. Using a pry bar we started to pull up soaked flooring. We were so mad at ourselves for missing this when we bought the RV. As Vern was using the pry bar, he accidentally went too far down and put a hole through the outside panel. Needless to say, all work has stopped. We called our local RV repair shop (an hour a away I may add). The service guy said that the last one he did was $5800 to repair and replace. We couldn't take it in for another few weeks as they were in their busy season of winterizing. Until then, we needed to save our pennies and hope it doesn’t cost $5k to replace! The service guy said to put some duct tape on the hole until we can get it down to him. This isn’t quite how we wanted to this project to go…

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