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Elwood, our class C

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Read about how and why we acquired our very first RV (when we had no idea what we were doing)

Meet Elwood, our first class C RV.

Let's begin in roughly October 2017.

Vern comes home from hosting a trivia show and says "I have a crazy idea...let's buy an RV!"

Stop. Hold up. What did he just say? We were married less than a year and it was cold outside. The last thing on my mind was a camper.

While we dated and the first six months of marriage, we did quite a few overnight trips and long weekends to big cities on the east coast and a trip to Mexico where we got engaged. We really do love checking out new hotels and restaurants. Campgrounds were not on the radar.

A wife's instant response was "Where did that idea come from?"

Vern shared he was at trivia and there was a family there with a teenage son who knew all the geography questions that night. Vern asked the teen "How do you know all the geography questions because they certainly don't teach in school like the used to?"

The teen shared with him a story of his middle school years when his parents opted to homeschool him while they traveled the country in an RV to work as software installers in a nationwide hotel chain. The teen told Vern of all the cool places he'd been, nearly every US state and how he just loved the experience.

Then Vern shared his own agenda... we get to take our own pillows and bed with us, we can cook our own food, travel at our own speed and make an RV our own.

We started looking at used RVs. We had no idea where to start. Did we want a travel trailer or fifth wheel or something drivable? We didn't have a vehicle we could use to tow with so we began looking at class As and class Cs. (Add more words to ever expanding RV vocabulary!)

We found this class C in a suburb of Philadelphia for $10,000. It was a retired Cruise America RV that a guy purchased to use for his family to go to car races on the weekends. While we knew we wanted to renovate, we felt this had good bones and was a good start for our adventures.

keep reading to find out about our renovation project on RV #1!

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