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Sin City Trivia

Trivia is easy to find here in Las Vegas, Nevada! There are a few different companies and lots of places that offer trivia. We opted to go to ReBar in the Arts District on Labor Day for Monday night trivia with The Ultimate Trivia Company. This was the first trivia we found since Minnesota!

ReBar is attached to Davy's restaurant so when you order food, you have to go 'next door' to pick it up with a buzzer. The Mexican Street Corn hot dog was delish!! They have a fun 'mystery beer' option for $3, served in a brown paper bag.

This trivia was the first place we've been to that had a house sound system which was great to hear throughout the venue. We sat in the front area and no issues hearing the questions or the music clips.

Here's what we can say about this trivia was long and slow for as many questions/tasks being asked of us. The host seemed to take forever to score and there were a few hiccups along the way including music not being clipped (so he announced 'oh I have to start at 50 seconds' or something like that), the music clips were over a minute each which, in our opinion, was wayyyyy too long for such easy songs (Disney music of the MOST obvious movies) and back and forth between paper puzzles, questions being asked and themed rounds.

Honestly, this was one of the most chaotic evenings and we left during round 5 and still had more rounds to go after an hour and 45 minutes.

Type of trivia questions:

Round 1- General Trivia

Round 2- Matching round (Caribbean countries to their capitals - not a bad topic)

Round 3- Disney music clips

Round 4- Another very random puzzle round on a paper (this one had no theme whatsoever)

Round 5- Questions about food network stars

We left...there was still more to go but each round had 10 questions so it was dragging on and on...

Question we missed: We missed a question on "Where was John Wilkes Booth shot and where did he eventually end up?" and "What year was 'Romancing the Stone' released?"

What we answered: In the leg in North Carolina is what we answered. For Romancing the Stone, Vern said 1985 or 1986, I thought it was earlier.

Correct answer: They were looking for 'in the neck in Virginia' for John Wilkes Booth and 1984 was the release of Romancing the Stone.

Format: 10 questions/clips for each round. See above!

Game time: We left after an hour and 45 minutes and it didn't look like it would be over any time soon.

Winner...winner?: Forfeit...we were in the top half of 18 teams.

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