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So what do you do? The top 5 questions we get asked about our trivia business

The most commonly asked question we get when we are traveling is 'So what do you do for work?' (Question #1)

We laugh. People tend to have a hard time believing what we actually do.

Check out what we do to find out more about our trivia business
Cheaters Never Prosper

We own Cheaters Never Prosper Trivia, a trivia company in central Pennsylvania.

The second most commonly asked question: 'What does that mean?' (Question #2)

Our elevator pitch is this...

If you go into a bar, restaurant, brewery, or winery and they're having a trivia night, we actually write the questions and employ the hosts running the game. Vern does almost all the writing of trivia and Ashleigh does the bookkeeping, invoicing and payroll.

We host about 100 events weekly in central PA, most being public events along with a few private events each week.

'Who actually pays you - trivia players or the bar/venue?' (Question #3)

Venues pay us to come into entertain the crowd. Sometimes it's a small group, sometimes there are 100 people there. We host events seven nights a week. We're known for our general trivia games, music trivia and themed trivia games (think Harry Potter, Disney, Star Wars, etc). We also host music bingo, bar bingo and karaoke.

'So you use Google and Wikipedia for your questions, right?' (Question #4)

Maybe...sometimes...Vern has been working on a database of more than 18,000 questions for years. We write all themed questions from scratch to make sure there is no quick Googling and the questions don't feel stale or sound monotonous on the microphone.

'You're really good at trivia, aren't you?' (Question#5)

We won at Nick's Bistro in Marietta, PA
We occasionally win at trivia

No, we're not. We don't come in last (unless it was that one time we went to bluegrass themed trivia) and rarely do we come in first (one time we did in Georgia - there were like 3 teams and not super competitive).

We're finding as we travel that you have to master the format of the trivia game and have a good understanding of the strategy to win. It's not just about knowledge.

We always have fun when we play, even if we're doing poorly.

We do have a few other businesses that are coming but as for right now, trivia is supporting our travels. Ashleigh searches for places to play trivia in every state so we always make sure we're out and about one night of the week checking local trivia.

We're always looking for good ideas for trivia so if you have an idea, feel free to drop us a line!

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