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Elwood's Renovations

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Now we had a blank slate, now what?

We got the RV back and it looked fantastic! Even with everything torn out, it has a long way to go! We found a painter. It was truly luck….a guy was doing some outdoor painting down the street and Vern stopped to ask him if he did RVs. He said he never had but would be willing to look at it and give us an estimate. For $500, he said he’d paint the walls, ceiling and cabinets.

Now on to Lowe’s and Home Depot. Hours...hours...picking out the paint colors. We opted for a white wall, light grey cabinets and blue for the bathroom. In the kitchen, we wanted a pop of color. For the bottom cabinets, we chose a navy blue. Vern suggested fun knobs and handle pulls.

Of course, with any RV, nothing is a standard size. Bryan, the painter, filled every hole and installed custom knobs. I found the green ones (all of them are different) for the bedroom and the decorative white and multi colored knobs for the living area from Etsy. In total, these were $70 for 18 knobs on Etsy. For the bath and other handles, we opted for 2 fun octopus knobs for upper cabinets in the bathroom and plain brushed nickel pulls from Hobby Lobby. These ran us about $30. They had a half off sale. I love how these little additions is making the RV totally ours!

The laminate flooring had to go. Thankfully our painter was willing to put down flooring for about $650. We did buy the Life Proof flooring in Sterling Oak from Home Depot. It was amazing! This floor was waterproof and really makes the RV into a glamper! The Life Proof floor also gives so for a moving vehicle, this would be perfect!

We are added peel & stick backsplash in the kitchen. Before we could add the backsplash, we found the window in the kitchen leaked...a lot. Another trip to the RV shop and another $90 for it to be resealed. Thankfully it didn’t cost us another window.

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