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Trivia in Minnesota, don'tcha know?

Alloy Brewing Company- Coon Rapids, MN

We were pleasantly surprised at our visit to Alloy Brewing Company in Coon Rapids, MN for trivia on Thursday, July 13th.

First of all, the food truck there was fantastic! Calavera Cuisine Food Truck was amazing!! (Made us miss our 717 Tacos from Pennsylvania!) We had the Quesadilla with Chicken Tinga (5 STAR REVIEW HERE!), Barbacoa Tacos and Carnitas Tostadas. YUM, YUM, YUM!!!

Secondly, we were impressed with the beer choices at Alloy Brewing Company. Vern had the Erik's Red Runner ale and Ashleigh had the Midnight Snack Chocolate Stout and Orange Creamsicle Ale. Fantastic beer all around!!

Third, the trivia through Trivia Mafia was fun and engaging! This format was a bit different as it was played on the phone. We hoped there wouldn't be any cheating because we certainly didn't cheat!

Type of trivia questions: General trivia with a picture round

Question we missed: Joan of Arc became famous for her role during what war which ranged from 1337-1453?

What we answered: Battle of Orleans

Correct answer: Hundred Years' War

Format: 8 rounds of 5 (except the picture round of 10 pictures), a mega round where you could bet points and a speed round

Game time: about 90 minutes

Winner...winner?: Came in 5th place out of 15! Not complaining (other than the phone use!)

But maybe best of all, this guy walked in with two cats in a backpack! You don't see this everyday!!

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