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Trivia in North Carolina

Venue #1

Our first outing to trivia was to Juggheads Growlers and Pints for a Thursday night general trivia. The company used is Trivia Night Triad which hosts trivia in several venues in the Winsto-Salem area. The host, Jon, responded quickly on Facebook to help find great events.

We were surprised at how packed it was and it was clearly frequented by regular trivia players. Juggheads had a great beer selection and rotating food trucks so if you plan on going, check their social media to see who will be there! Juggheads is an old converted gas station which is a fun vibe. We didn't realize this was a dog-friendly venue!

Type of trivia questions: General (some were soooo easy)

Question we missed: On what daytime soap opera did viewers see Luke & Laura's wedding?

What we answered: Days of Our Lives

Correct answer: General Hospital

Format: Walk each slip up to the host after each question. About 30 questions or so.

Game time: About 2 hours

Winner...winner?: Nope....but we had fun!

Venue #2

Our second trivia night was at Radar Brewing Company in Winston-Salem. This was just a brewery so Mello tagged along with us. Cameron was the host for the evening and all the trivia was run off a tv screen (new concept for us).

This was a smaller crowd and the host, Cameron, said the same thing. Great beer! I'd recommend the Signal Fire Smoked Porter for sure! They had a very expensive food truck so we ordered a pizza during trivia.

Type of trivia questions: several different categories-3-1 of trios (name the missing person/thing), cooking vessels, covers of music, ocean movies and protesters and activists

Question we missed: In a picture, we were shown the three main kids from Boy Meets World. We knew Cory and Topanga but missed the third kid...

What we answered: Nada

Correct answer: Shawn

Format: 5 rounds of 5 questions, had to walk each slip of paper up after the five categorized questions, with pictures shown on the screen

Game time: About an hour and half

Winner...winner?: Came in second! Woo hoo!

Venue #3

Our last visit was to Brown Truck Brewery in Highpoint, NC. This was another dog-friendly venue and was standing room only! We found a small spot at the bar to play. The beers were good and the host was fun! He is a teacher by day, server by night but did a fantastic job of keeping it moving.

Type of trivia questions: General trivia- 5 rounds were American History, basketball, 3 roles (name the actor), and 2 rounds of 90s Country Music (one name the tune and one round of questions)

Question we missed: We missed one of the basketball questions about that required us to order 3 players.

Format: 5 rounds of 5 questions

Game time: About an hour

Winner...winner?: YES! We got all the 90s country questions and songs right!

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