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Welcome to our RV travel blog!

We are the Heagys! Ashleigh and Vern met in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania while Vern was hosting a weekly trivia night. Ashleigh would go in with different friends week after week. Eventually they struck up a conversation and it was downhill after that!

We were married by Elvis  in 2017 at The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas because everyone should know someone actually married by Elvis, right?

In 2017, we bought our first class C RV.  By 2020, we decided it was time to upgrade to a fifth wheel to travel full time so we sold our class C to a great couple. By January 2021, we found the right fifth wheel and began a second RV renovation.

We hit the road in January 2023 and and traveling around the country with our pup, Mello. 

Check out our blog for details on RV renovations, our travels, our work (we still need to make money) and our adventures!

get to know us better

1. Who does the driving?

      Vern- 70%
      Ashleigh- 30%

2. Favorite place we've been so far
Vern-Pirate Voyage Show in Myrtle Beach

Ashleigh- Lake Lanier & Margaritaville

Mello-Myrtle Beach & a horse farm in SC
3. Sea or Mountains?
4. What do you do in the truck when you're driving?
  1. Guess the year/artist/title of the song
  2. Write trivia ideas and topics
  3. Complain about the other's driving
5. Who makes the travel plans?
      (Vern made a 'things to do by state' list as a reference)
6. What do we listen to on the road?

Check out our playlist to view the diverse concerts we've seen over the years


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