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Three Weeks in Las Vegas is... a long time

We checked into Thousand Trails Las Vegas on August 22 and checked out September 12th. We extended our stay here by a week for the following reasons:

  1. There's a lot to do in Vegas

  2. It was too hot to move

  3. There were too many good restaurants to try!4

  4. We can stay for 21 nights for free at Thousand Trail sites so, why not?

Originally we were supposed to head south at the end of our stay in Vegas but it was just to darn hot! It was over 100 degrees almost every day. We did experience flash flooding September 1st and 2nd but were unaffected by it.

So what did we do in Vegas? We did a lot in those few weeks! We checked off a few bucket list items for both of us!

On Vern's bucket list was the Cirque du Soleil show "O". This show featured acrobatics and is set in water. He has wanted to see this show for the last ten years. While we checked off a bucket list item, we can say this: We didn't get it. We know lots of others who enjoyed it but wasn't our thing.

On our joint bucket list was to eat at Hell's Kitchen at Caesar's Palace. It was amazing! We recommend making reservations! The beef Wellington and sticky toffee pudding were to die for!! We've never had anything like it and tops our list for best eats in Vegas!

When you're in Vegas, you live it up, right? We splurged on our $20 tattoos from Koolsville Tattoo! For years we've talked about getting matching trave tattoos so we chose the paper airplane! Super cute, super easy!

While it was hot every day in Vegas, Mello spent a few days at Houndstown in Henderson to run out some energy and make some new Nevada doggy friends. We also rented a fenced in yard with a pool through Sniffspot. For $25 an hour, we had this great yard all to ourselves. Mello isn't a water dog and wasn't a fan, we got to cool off and she got to run around on her favorite AstroTurf. We did manage to get Mello into the pool a few times to float but she's a land dog for sure!

During our stay, we had to eat at In-N-Out Burger, a west coast staple! Always good, always fresh! We also discovered a love of Pinkbox Doughnuts! Talk about options!! If you go to Vegas, there are several places to find this delicious donut...we recommend the Fremont Street location because of it's decor and selection!

Ashleigh's Favorite: John Lemon (raised shell filled with lemon filling topped with a torched lemon meringue)

Vern's Favorite: The Classic Chocolate Bar (chocolate frosted raised bar/no filling)

Fremont Street was also to fun to walk thru and check out the live concerts of local artists and the big screen above Fremont Street. We stopped at Oscar's for appetizers one evening! The French Onion soup was to die for!

Probably one of the better finds while we were in town were some Groupons Ashleigh purchased. Groupons are a great way to find new places when you're visiting a new town. Here are some things we did thru Groupon with our savings:

Haircut for Ashleigh- $30 Groupon at Felicia's House of Hair (normally costs $50 )

Couple's Massage- $140 Groupon at Massage Heights (normally costs $320 )

Facial for Ashleigh- $40 Groupon at SkinGlow By Shelby (normally costs $80)

Concert tickets for LL Cool J and more- $145 on Groupon (normally costs $250)

By using Groupon, you can see we saved quite a bit and were able to indulge in some fun things! We highly recommend this option when traveling. Do your research before you buy though!

Speaking of money, we did enjoy a few nights of playing cards and slots at Boulder Station. This casino is right down the road (less than a half mile from Thousand Trails). We hit it big a few nights and broke even the other nights. Overall, we enjoyed playing here! We'll be back for sure!

We had fun while in town but are looking forward to some quieter locations over the next month! Stay tuned for what's next!

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