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And we're back!

Things will be slowing down travel wise over the next two months. We're back in Elizabethtown, PA (right outside of Hershey) for the next two months. We have several things to take care of including an eye surgery for Vern, family holidays, business and a few other things that brought us back to central PA.

Some of you may be wondering how travel went over the last year. Overall, I'd give it an 9/10! We learned a lot of lessons and experienced so many great adventures!

I'll be sharing our travel log with you by the end of 2023 and some of our lessons learned.

Our travel plans for 2024 are TBD. But stay tuned!

As for now, we're as tired as Mello! We left Denver on Tuesday, October 1st and made it to Elizabethtown on Thursday evening by 6pm.

1,648 miles later... it's time for a nap!

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